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Au pairs: The secret to a long and happy placement

For a happy relationship both parties need to do their own bit, here is a list to show how easily it can be done. There are lots of other things, but this list will help you to start with.
The secret to a long and happy placement
  • Be polite and listen to the parent’s wishes.
  • Get involved in family life, be part of the family, play with the children and have fun with them.
  • Make sure you do your job 100%.
  • Ask questions, show interest in your new family and their culture.
  • Tell them where you go and what time you are coming back.  Always ask if it is ok with them.  Some families worry a lot about their au pairs / mother’s help and want to make sure they are fine.
  • Always ask for permission to use the car, tv, internet, phone, etc.
  • Always ask permission if you want to invite your friends over.
  • Always keep your room tidy and clean.
  • Never hit the children.
  • Don’t stay in your room a lot as it shows you are not interested in the family.
  • Don’t surf on the internet during the day.  Go online after you have finished for the day.
  • Dress appropriately! Don’t wear deep cut tops or short skirts.
  • Don’t swear, not even in your own language.
  • Be proactive! Do things before you are asked to (e.g. empty the bin if you see it’s full, empty the dishwasher when it’s finished, etc.)
  • Ask for a written routine or timetable if you feel that would help you remember all the jobs.
  • Make sure you understand everything! If in doubt, just ask!
  • Be creative and use your imagination (e.g. do a drawing contest with the children)
  • Be flexible.  Life is changing continuously and it is important the parents know they can count on you.
  • If you want do extra work, first ask the family if they are ok with that.
  • Allow the family to have privacy sometimes if they ask for it, or you sense they need it.
  • Always offer to help.