Au Pair Agency with a fresh approach

Terms and Conditions


  1. By filling in our registration form, interviewing a Candidate through this Agency, or reading the details of a Candidate whose application has been sent via e-mail by this Agency, whether these terms has been signed by the Client or not, Clients (Host families) agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Perfect Match Au Pairs (the Agency) acts as an introductory service between the Client (Host family) and Candidates (Aupairs, Mother’s Helps and Housekeepers). The Agency will undertake checks on the Candidate’s details and will match the Client’s requests as closely as possible. In all cases, we advise the Client to verify that the Candidate meets their individual requirements.
  3. The Candidate should always be welcomed as a member of the family.
  4. The Candidate should be provided with their own comfortable private room.
  5. Our Placement fee is due upon agreement between Client and Candidate.
  6. Fees are payable within 7 days of the date of invoice or prior to Candidate’s arrival, whichever comes first.
  7. All introductions are confidential and Candidate’s details and documents cannot be passed on to other families by the Client.
  8. We take our placements seriously. Perfect Match Au Pairs will not provide a replacement if:

             a)    The Candidate has been subjected to or complains of any improper conduct
                      by the Client.

             b)    The Candidate is not treated as a family member.

             c)    The Candidate is not paid in accordance with the agreement.

             d)    There are agency fees outstanding.

             e)    The Client requests duties outside of the original agreement.

             f)     The Candidate was not given driving lessons by a professional instructor and / or was

                     not given plenty of time to practice – if a driver needed.

             g)    The Candidate was not given a routine and chance to get used to it.

     9.   There is no replacement or refund on short term (1-3 months) placement.

   10.  The agency reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £75 that is non-refundable.

   11.  The agency offer one replacement per placement if:

             a)    The candidate fails to arrive.

             b)    The candidate leaves within the guarantee period.

             c)    The candidate is found not to be suitable for the position.

   12.  Replacements (or refunds) will be provided if the following has taken place:

            a)    The agency fee was paid in full and within 7 days of the invoice date or
before the candidate commenced the employment.

            b)    No discount was given to the Client

            c)    The Client provided the Candidate with the necessary documents (invitation letter/
weekly schedule and duties) and the Client has not changed the working conditions,
start date, duration, location, duties, working hours what have been originally agreed
with the Candidate,without the Candidate’s prior consent.

           d)    There are no biases from the original requirements given in the Registration form.

   13.   If no replacement can be offered within 4 weeks of written notification a refund is offered
less the administration fee of £75.

   14.   If a suitable candidate is offered but refused by the client, no refund is given.

   15.   The full placement fee is due if the Client terminates the position after travelling arrangements
have been made either by the Candidate or the Client.

   16.  The agency will make every effort to ensure the information given to the client is correct.
The Agency cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information supplied by the Candidate.

   17.  The Agency does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage, expense or injury resulting from the introduction.

   18.  The Agency cannot be held responsible for the driving skills of the Candidate. It is the
responsibility of the Client to insure the Candidate to drive the Client’s car. The client should
also arrange professional driving lessons for the Candidate, to ensure the Candidate has a clear
understanding of the Highway Code in the UK.

   19.  The Client has to give at least 14 days’ notice period to the Candidate. Serious misconduct can
warrant immediate termination of the agreement. When notice is given by the Client, accommodation
should be offered until the Candidate is relocated or chooses to return home.

   20. The Agency recommends the following weekly salaries: au pair up to 25 hours minimum £75,
au pair plus up to 35 hours minimum £95, mothers help from 40 hours minimum £150.

   21. The Candidate is entitled to one week paid holiday for after every 3 months and also entitled
to UK Bank holidays or days off in lieu.

   22. Should a Candidate stay with the Client longer than 12 months then the Agency shall be
           advised immediately and the placement fee becomes payable again. The guarantee period
will be renewed again for the same period of time as before. In case the Client got a
replacement in the previous placement, this clause will still apply from the start date of
the first Candidate.

   23. The Agency reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time.


IMPORTANT – Overdue payment

  1. The Client must pay the placement fee within 7 days of date of invoice. If the placement fee is not received within 7 days, an additional £50 fee (late payment fee) will be charged.
  2. Failure to pay these fees within the following 7 days will result in passing this matter into the hands of an authorised Debt Collection agency and reporting to Credit Agencies. All costs incurred during this process are payable by the Client.