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Families: the secret to a long and happy placement

For a happy and successful relationship, both parties will of course need to do their bit.  Here is a list to see how easily it can be done. This list is by all means not exhaustive.

The secret to a long and happy placement
    • Prepare your children for the arrival of the new au pair / mother’s help.  Not every child can adapt quickly to change and children often have an emotional attachment to the previous au pair / mother’s help and it makes it difficult for the new family member to settle in.
      • Treat the au pair as a member of the family and your children will accept her easily.
      • Be patient and understanding
      • Remember an au pair is not an experienced child carer.  She may need your help and guidance on how to discipline (e.g. how to use the naughty step, reward charts, etc.)
      •  Talk to your au pair / mother’s help, show you are interested in her life, culture, etc.
      • Be helpful and try to help her settle in as quickly as you can.  Maybe find other families in your area who also have au pairs.
      • Look into local language classes before she arrives.  These are the best place for the au pair to make friends.
      • Try to keep her updated with changes to the daily routines.
      • Make sure you stick to the agreed working hours and reward for any extra hours worked.
      • In case of language difficulties, speak slowly using simple language.  Remember they are here to learn English!   Avoid the temptation to use google translator to convey the message.   It wont make it any easier next time!
      • Be sure to offer praise and thanks when appropriate.
      • Homesickness? Sometimes it is hard to move away from your home, friends and trusted support network.  Let her talk to her family and reassure her that she can can go home to visit her family anytime.  Introduce her to other au pairs or people in your surroundings.
      • Try to avoid misunderstanding, make sure you are on the same page with your au pair / mother’s help.
      • If problems do occur, sit down with your au pair / mother’s help and discuss it openly. Most problems come from a misunderstanding.  Set rules if you need to, or simply work on a day-to-day task list.
      • Ask the au pair  / mother’s help if she is happy with the position / workload / tasks or generally how she feels about things.