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Are online based au pair searching websites safe to find an Au Pair in London?

There are several internet based websites where you can search for au pairs in London for just a small registration fee, but would using a reputable au pair agency be a better option?

Whilst an au pair agency will do all the necessary checks and the hard work to find you the right person, the internet based websites will leave the following checks as your responsibility.

  • To check the au pair can legally come to the UK and work for you.
  • To check the au pair has no criminal record.
  • To check the au pair is physically and mentally healthy.
  • To check the au pair references are genuine.

Signing up with internet based websites will certainly increase the e-mails in your inbox, however you will spend hours finding out all the necessary information about each applicant. The au pair will of course be looking after your most precious thing in the whole world, your children, so you will need to be careful!

Au pair agencies will present you with fully checked and interviewed au pairs who match your needs and requirements.  All you have to do is look through a hand-picked selection of potential profiles and select the ones you would be happy to interview over the phone or Skype.

Perfect Match Au Pairs offers a replacement guarantee of up to 90 days for complete peace of mind. We are also able to offer you support before and during the placement.  No fees are charged until you have chosen, interviewed and confirmed the placement with your selected au pair.

Online based au pair searching websitesReputable au pair agencies such as Perfect Match Au Pairs
Registration fee
Placement fee
Fully checked and vetted applicants
Replacement guarantee
Advice available
Support offered before and after placement
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